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The Role of the Foundation in Grafton

The Windham Foundation is an integral part of the Grafton community, as are all the businesses in Grafton. The Foundation is the largest employer in Grafton; in all, it employs approximately 100 people.

Welcome to Grafton, VermontA number of local businesses are owned and operated by the Windham Foundation: the Grafton Inn, Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center and the Grafton Village Cheese Company. The Grafton Village Garage, Gallery North Star, Grafton Seasons, Hunter Gallery of Fine Art, Hunter Artworks, Grafton Village Store, Southern Vermont Museum of Mining & Minerals and Idyll Acres Farm are independent businesses operating in buildings owned by the Windham Foundation.

Although not involved in town government, the Windham Foundation has funded a number of local improvements including a hydrant system, underground power lines, landscaping, and shade tree plantings and several highway projects. The Foundation aided the town in building a new elementary school through donations of land and financial assistance.

The Foundation also created the Grafton Fund, a giving program, that provides grants to nonprofit and municipal organizations in town to assist in funding a variety of projects.  Learn more about supporting the Grafton Fund.