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Founder Dean Mathey’s vision was inspired by his passion for Grafton and Vermont and established the Windham Foundation “to preserve and enhance the social, economic and cultural vitality of Vermont’s small communities and rural way of life.”

We have provided millions of dollars of support for that mission through our philanthropic programs. Furthermore, as an operating Foundation, revenue from our businesses contributes directly to our mission and programs. Consequently, by supporting the Grafton Inn, Grafton Village Cheese Company, the Retreat Petting Farm or Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center, you are directly contributing to the vitality of Vermont through our programs. We thank you for being a guest, using our facilities or buying our cheese and helping in our work.

However, there is great need and every year great ideas, programs or projects go unfunded because there is insufficient resource. We hope that you might consider helping us do even more by a donation or a planned gift. The Windham Foundation offers two ways to directly support the Windham Foundation and its programs: the Grafton Fund and the Dean Mathey Society. Please click to the links on the left for more about supporting the Windham Foundation through a donation.

Grafton, Vermont