Grafton Conference Program

A hallmark of the Windham Foundation is the Grafton Conference Program, a series of two-day conferences on important public policy matters. They bring together leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to share perspectives in a relaxed setting. The goal is to help reach consensus on challenging issues.

Since the first conference in 1984, the Foundation has focused attention on a wide variety of topics, ranging from tourism to healthcare and education to enhancing Vermont’s economy through initiatives that support both open and forest land.

One recent Grafton Conference focused on the need to develop strategies and plans to advance Vermont’s Forest economy through outdoor recreational activities, especially trail biking. The conference helped launch a comprehensive, statewide, and strategic evaluation of the state’s needs and resources in this area.

An earlier conference focused on the “70 by 2025” Initiative that sets the goal of providing 70% of Vermont high school students and adults with access to further education or skills certification by 2025. The conference focused on ways to prepare both young people and adults to advance beyond high school and be prepared for their role in the economy and in society.