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Windham Foundation Conferences and Conference Reports

Here are the past public policy conferences held by the Windham Foundation. The two-day conferences focus on important issues facing Vermont and help bring consensus among stakeholders on new paths forward. Each conference title links to the conference report.

The First Grafton Conference
Economic Development and the Environment of Vermont
January 22-24, 1984

The Second Grafton Conference
The Future of Health Care in Vermont
June 24-26, 1984

The Third Grafton Conference
Education in Vermont: Taking a Direction
December 2-4, 1984

The Fourth Grafton Conference
Economic Development in Vermont
International Perspectives on Policy Issues
June 9-11, 1985

The Fifth Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Cultural Resources
July 14-16, 1985

The Sixth Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Housing Future
January 26-28, 1986

The Seventh Grafton Conference
Vermont Women in Transition
March 23-25, 1986

The Eighth Grafton Conference
A Review of Vermont’s Tax Policies
June 22-24, 1986

The Ninth Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Fourth Estate and Public Policy
August 10-12, 1986

The Tenth Grafton Conference
The Travel Industry in Vermont
December 7-9, 1986

The Eleventh Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Cultural Resources: Two Years Later
May 31-June 1, 1987

The Twelfth Grafton Conference
Vermont: Who Are We Becoming?
July 19-21, 1987

The Thirteenth Grafton Conference
Growth in Vermont: Under Control?
November 8-10, 1987

The Fourteenth Grafton Conference
Governing Small Vermont Towns
March 20-22, 1988

The Fifteenth Grafton Conference
The Judicial System in Vermont:
Purpose and Performance
February 26-28, 1989

The Sixteenth Grafton Conference
Global Competence in Vermont:
An Educational and Economic Imperative
May 7-9, 1989

The Seventeenth Grafton Conference
A Strategy for Providing Maternal and Infant Care in Vermont
June 4-6, 1989

The Eighteenth Grafton Conference
Addressing Vermont’s Solid Waste Crisis
January 7-9, 1990

The Nineteenth Grafton Conference
Public Safety: Adapting to Changing Times
June 3-5, 1990

The Twentieth Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Transportation Needs
August 26-28, 1990

The Twenty-First Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Education-To-Work Transition
March 10-12, 1991

The Twenty-Second Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Health Care System for the 1990’s
October 27-29, 1991

The Twenty-Third Grafton Conference
Preparing Vermont to Thrive in the 21st Century
(No conference report available)
November 9-11, 1997

The Twenty-Fourth Grafton Conference
Beyond Preservation: Keeping Vermont’s Working Landscape
September 13-15, 1998

The Twenty-Fifth Grafton Conference
Vermont Citizens and Civic Participation in a Changing World
June 11-13, 2000

The Twenty-Sixth Grafton Conference
The Changing Landscape of Vermont Agriculture
June 15-17, 2003

The Twenty-Seventh Grafton Conference
Wind Power and Ridgeline Development
October 26-28, 2003

The Twenty-Eighth Grafton Conference
Driving the Next Generation of Economic Opportunity
May 16-18, 2004

The Twenty-Ninth Grafton Conference
Exploring Vermont’s School Choice
October 24-26, 2004

The Thirtieth Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Electric Energy Future
July 10-12, 2005

The Thirty-First Grafton Conference
Mediating Community Land-Use and Development Conflicts
November 6-8, 2005

The Thirty-Second Grafton Conference
The Future of Vermont’s Nonprofit Sector: A Framework for Stewardship and Success
June 17-19, 2007

The Thirty-Third Grafton Conference
Seeking to Ensure the Future Viability of Vermont’s Dairy Industry
March 6-7, 2008 & December 15-16, 2008

The Thirty-Fourth Grafton Conference
Optimizing the Potential of Vermont’s Older Workers
November 9-11, 2008

The Thirty-Fifth Grafton Conference
Vermont’s Forest Economy: Advancing Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Value-Added Forest Products
August 14-15, 2013

The Thirty-Sixth Grafton Conference
Increasing the Economic and Civic Vitality of Our State: Ensuring 70 Percent of Vermonters Possess a Degree or Credential by 2025
June 22-23, 2017

The Thirty-Seventh Grafton Conference
A New Look at the Power of the Arts and the Humanities in Vermont Today  
May 15-16, 2019

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